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At Whirlwind Ranch, we are focused on providing horse training and sales services with the highest levels of horsemanship and care, mentaly and physically, for the horse. Not only have each of us been involved in horses, in many aspects, for our whole lives, but we continue to pursue education and higher understanding of horsemanship and the horse himself. We firmly believe a horseman's education is never done, there is always more to learn. We have had the privilege to ride with some of the best, and we always look forward to our next opportunity to do so.


All of our training begins in the round pen, even tune-ups and halter breaking! This is where we being to "talk" to the horse and get to know them. Horses that are not being worked are often tied to the outside of the round pen, where they learn to handle commotion and practice their patience. Once a colt has been rode a couple of times, we move out of the round pen and into the arena. There we work on moving out freely at all gaits, stopping off your seat, basic steering and body control. We have pastures and access to trails for additional miles and outside riding.

We strive to lay a solid foundation for each colt, getting them ready to go on to any discipline. We work on lightness and control throughout the body, as well as creating a willing partner.

Our Colt Start Program is a minimum of (2) months.

**NOTE** Horses that have been ridden but have been in the pasture for a few years, horses that buck or bolt, horses that have been to other trainers and came home with more problems, and any rescue horse also will need a minimum of (4) months.

Fees: $750/ month. All feed, care and board included.

Stud colts: $50/month additional (this is due to our additional cost for housing them.

Vet, Farrier and Equine dentist costs are extra, they can be paid through us, or directly to our service provider.


Please contact us. Cost and time depend on type of training, if there are cattle involved, if we are showing the horse, etc.
In general, Owner is responsible for all entry fees and association fees for the horse. Owner is responsible for a percentage of hauling charges and expenses incurred by Whirlwind Ranch. Please contact us for details.
Type of training and showing offered:

Reined Cow Horse (NRCHA)
Cutting Horse (USCHA)

Ranch Horse Versatility (ARHA, AQHA)


Exercise and interaction are vital to a young horse's physical and mental needs. Our Yearling Program can get your yearling started on the right path! This is much more than halter breaking. We do everything with a yearling that we would do with a colt we are starting under saddle (except ride them). They learn to lead, load, travel, back out of the trailer, stand tied, pony off another horse, stand for the farrier, bathe, all the colt start ground work exercises, carry a saddle. They learn to handle noises and scary objects, as well as move body parts with just a touch. This will translate directly to saddle work later on. We can do this at any time during a horse's yearling year. They can then be turned back out to grow up, and when they are brought in to be started under saddle, the process goes much quicker and quieter, the horse is ready to learn and move forward with their career.

Fees: $750/month. All feed, care, and board included.

Stud colts: $50/ month additional (this is due to our additional cost for housing them.

Discounts: We do offer discounts on monthly fees for (3) or more yearlings sent at the same time. Please contact for details.

Vet, Farrier and Equine dentist costs are extra, they can be paid through us, or directly to our service provider.


Our auction sale preparation program is a minimum of 6 weeks. We focus on getting the horse looking and feeling their best! We work on getting them ready for the chaos and noise of an auction environment, as well as making sure they have their basic handling education as solid as possible. This is not a training program, but a tune-up and fitting program. Young horses will be halter broke, riding horses will be tuned.

When auction day rolls around, we haul them to the sale, talk to prospective bidders, and show the horse in the sales ring.

Seller/Owner is responsible for all paperwork and fees associated with the auction sale and any vet or health papers the sale requires. We will haul horse to the vet for blood work as part of the Sales Prep program.

We currently represent horses at the Triangle Sale in Shawnee, OK. It is held 4 times per year. It is a good sale for cow horses, rope horses, and prospects.

Fees: $400 Includes feed, care, exercise, tuning up or halter breaking. (6 week Program)

If you want your colt started under saddle before we take them to the sale, our Colt Starting Program (at $750/mo) would be followed by an additional (2) weeks for sale ring prep and conditioning. (We don't want to focus on sales ring prep for a colt and leave out some of the colt start foundation because we are pressed for time. The colt start is just too important!) The cost for the additional 2 weeks would be $250.

Auction representation: $150. Includes hauling to auction within 100 miles (additional hauling fees apply for longer distances), representing horse to prospective bidders before the sale, taking horse through the auction ring, as well as creating a take home package for the new owner with all the info we have and know about the horse. All fees and paperwork needed to consign the horse to the sale is the responsibility of the horse owner.

Consignment: We will take your horse in to be sold on consignment. The horse must be valued at $5,000 or more. The commission is 10%. If the horse is to be ridden, started under saddle, tuned up, etc., our monthly training fee ($750/ month) does apply, and is additional. If the horse is to be fitted for sale, a monthly fee of ($400/ month) for work, care, and board applies and is in addition to the commission. If the horse is not to be ridden, trained, or worked, a monthly fee of ($200/ month) for care and board applies, in addition to the commission. We will take stallions on consignment, our additional housing fee ($50/ month) applies.

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